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Customer feedback on 3 inch Supertackle hoochies.

  Supertackle fishing hoochies are tube type octopus made of soft plastics. They are made with varying measured amounts of ultra violet materials that simulate natural baitfish. The UV is only visible to the human eye with an ultra violet lamp. The other lure embellishments include glitter, hand painted eyes, phosphorescent glow, color or oil slick laser. Our wide selection of patterns replicate most bait fish colors that can be found in all the fishing regions around the world.

  The 3" octopus hoochie is universal for both salt and fresh water. Trolled as a minnow bait the are best presented with a spinner blade, dodger or flasher. Leader length and flasher trolling speed will affect the lure, the best method is to tune the lure roll until it appears to be a wounded fish. Jigging methods are most effective when used as an added attraction to a baited hook. The use of a spreader bar or as umbrella rig with multiple lures is also very effective.

  The lure bodies are easy to work with and are a hollow tube type. We suggest shimming the hook back with beads or a piece of plastic straw. These have worked very effectively for salmon trolling allonge the coast of Vancouver Island. The greenish 157 pattern is a favorite along the inner coast where the bait size is similar to the 3" model. The darker patterns are used successfully by commercial fishermen located in the north-west of Washington State. We have also had feedback from some fishermen in larger lakes for trout or salmon.

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Photos of Salmon caught on hand crafted lures by Rick Denham.
Caught in Washington State on 3" Chevron hoochie made by Supertackle.

Salmon caught on Supertackle fishing hoochies      Salmon caught on Chevron hoochies

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