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Vision in Fishes - Ultra Violet Lures

   Water absorbs light and with increasing depth light decreases quickly. The different types of light in the spectrum disperse at different depths of water.

   Not all fish see the same types of light. Some fish have evolved to see better in the habitat that they live. Fish adapt to their visual environment and their eyes have qualitiesthat are described as being able to see ultra violet & polarized light. Fish naturally give off or reflect differing amounts of ultra violet light depending on their species. Most fish haveevolved to become more stealth with a white or lighter underbelly & a darker upper half.

   Supertackle has used the facts that certain predator fish can see differently & have applied the technology to our Octo Hootchie baits . We have applied measured amounts of ultraviolet chemicals to enhance the vision of our lures to resemble a natural bait. This technology is invisible to the human eye but evident with the use of a black light. We have also applied two tonecolor schemes to most of our lures to similate the natural patterns.

Below is an example of one of our lures under natural light & also under black light conditions.

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