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6 Inch E•Z RIG - Fishing Squid

Injection Molded Squid - Tube Type - Gummy Soft.
Durability is great and should last a long time.
½" x 2" inner tube pocket for chum, glow beads or LED light.
Easily rigged for jigging or trolling.
Proven to catch Salmon, Tuna, Bass, Halibut, Cod and Shark

* EZ Rig will turn a milky color when subjected to water, this is normal.
* Should be stored out of the sunlight to keep the plastic from uv degregation.
* Keep out of reach from children and pets, these are not teething toys!

The picture on the left: Posted August 18 2014 by Michael Wills of Ward Cove, Alaska.
"Matt, We caught over 30 halibut today... mainly chickens, but I wanted to let you know that the squid lures are very fishy!!! Thanks, Mike"

The picture on the right is from Capt. Mike Nasadyk in Sooke showing us how he rigs Supertackle circle hooks and squids with crimp style leaders, and the odd tuna turkey hook.

            Halibut  caught on Supertackle B2 squid hoochies      Halibut hoochies

(Ultra Violet) and (Glow in the Dark) strengths are rated between a low of + and a high of +++++

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