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Supertackle lure skirts are for the fisherman who like to build their own tackle.
Testimonial from Richard Denham from Washington State.
Salmon caught on a hoochie

  I wanted to pass along a fishing report from the last few days.
But first off your products are awesome!
The mini 1.5 inch squids have been putting a hurt on the local salmon here in WA.
I have landed over 100 salmon in the last few trips fishing a pink/white or all white 1.5" supertackle hoochie on a 1/16oz jig head.
I am fishing these under a float suspended about 3 ft.
My best day was bringing over 60 salmon to the bank on that rig.
You guys really have some great stuff going, keep up the great work!!
I put together just a few pictures from the recent trips.
The big one I caught last night, enjoy!
Thanks again, Rick Denham

Kokanee trout caught on a hoochie lure

Another customer sent in a picture of examples of hoochie lake trolling rigs with bead, clevis and spinner set up.
Hoochie fishing rigs made for catching trout

  Customers rig these for Kokanee in many ways.
Hooks are normally shimmed back with a piece of tubing or a bead.
Suggested enhancements for trolling action are with a spinner blade, dodger or flasher.
These make excellent casting spinner baits with added ultra violet and laser embelishments.
Untried in many areas.
Fishing tackle crafting made easy.
Laser, glitter and multi pattern enhancements.
We would suggest trying these behind a fishing flasher.

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