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Fishing Tackle Manufacture and Wholesaler

We are fishing tackle wholesalers and distributors for Supertackle, Pirate's Den Fishing and Lure Charge. We are experienced in selling fishing tackle on the internet B2B and retail since 1999, creating a following of repeat customers along the way. Our objective is to provide a global outlet for local British Columbia inventions, manufactured products or specialized equipment. We are also an alternate outlet for local manufacturers who are denied accounts with large corporate wholesale networks in North America.

Responsibilities as a Website Retailer of Fishing Tackle.

Supertackle is also a retailer for our own and other locally invented or manufactured products. We make available to the fisherman, products from O'Ki Tackle, Lure Charge and Pirate's Den Fishing. We maintain the MSRP's as posted by each individual manufacture. Doing so creates a level and fair competition for locally owned retail outlets. We also provide web browsing customers with the information required to find our products in stores near their location.

Creating an account with the required information:

Your Supertackle account information must align with that which is registered on Paypal's website.
Delivery of orders must be sent to your registered address.
Most of Supertackle orders are shipped through the postal system.
Wholesale accounts and large orders have delivery options of Greyhound, Canada Post or courier.

Wholesale Qualifications:

The Supertackle website has the ability to create accounts that will serve wholesale pricing. To qualify for a wholesale account we require proof that your business or employment as being categorized in the fishing industry. We qualify commercial fishermen, retail outlets, secondary manufacturers and marinas with wholesale accounts.

Retail Qualifications

The Supertackle website has products that are available to virtually every fisherman on the planet.
We currently prefer Paypal, cheques, money orders (negotiable in Canada) plus email money transfers.

Canadian and US customers will receive free shipping on orders over $50.
International customers will receive some BONUS products on orders over $50

Supertackle summary of our history

We design soft plastic hoochie fishing lure skirts of all sizes. We have an expertise in the salmon fishing tackle manufacturing industry that has been if the family since 1966. Father Jack James hand tied fishing flies and hoochie lures designed for down rigger flasher trolling. His color patterns, usage of molar and the use of ultra violet colors were ideas that he established. Jack still holds patents for tying molar to a fishing fly. The color pattern names that he coined are nicknames still used today. My tackle manufacturing started at the age of five, assembling Cowichan mother of pearl spinners for 5 cents each. I was an assembly line of me, my brother and my sister putting beads and blades on steel wire. Later in my teens I was the guy that tied 10's of thousands of hoochies for Radiant Lures.... We are well versed in how fishing tackle should be made.

Father Jack James (radiant Lures Ltd.) was heavily involved with fishing in Victoria BC and his famous fishing friends have come and gone. Uncle Dick James was also heavily involved in fishing and created the RCNAA and later in the 1980's was team captain representing Canada at few international bill fish tournaments. As a home based manufacturer, our house was a revolving door of avid local inventors, commercial fishermen and manufacturers. It was not uncommon to listened to people like Charlie White, Fred Packford, Bruce Colegrave, Jim Gilbert and Blayney Scott to name a few. My involvement with Scott Plastics was working a summer job making fishing rod holders by hand.

Our early involvement with supplying fishing tackle on the internet was born from a need for another income for Matt and Marty James. We were watching the news on TV and there was a fellow talking about selling and buying on a new internet site called Ebay. We started Superfleas on Ebay selling old automobile license plates and they were snapped up quickly. Father Jack thought that was amazing so he supplied us with many thousands of factory seconds, blemished packages and lure patterns that did not suit his market. Supertackle burnt through that inventory of NOS stock. Now we were stuck, we needed to find more products to liquidate. We approached Redden Net who had been sitting on 30 years of commercial trolling hooks and hoochies. We burnt through 3 truckloads of hoochies in a couple of years. Another 700,000 NOS Mustad hooks surfaced and we sold them off in less than a year. We then helped Charlie White clear out his lures and X-10 fish scents that were left over from his touring days. And so on .....

Later in around 2010 we approached every sporting goods wholesaler in British Columbia seeking support to buy wholesale and selling on line.... We were declined access to the inventory in fear of ruining their local retail markets. So we then approached manufacturers most of them had the same fears.

A year later we formed Supertackle as a manufacturer. With research and design in my back pocket, we developed a relationship with a large Chinese manufacturer. They control four separate factories that manufacture products to our specifications such as hooks, fishing beads, hoochie skirts, spreader bars, terminal tackle and packaging.

We are on our 4th cargo load of fishing tackle from China. Some of the local British Columbia fishing tackle shops are declining to accept our products. Not because of quality but because of our prices. On the other hand we have retailers that love our products and are happy to pass the savings on to their customers. We will make every effort to insure that our retailers receive the best service possible.

It is now August 2014 and our website is just about ready. It is not a clone website, it is something a bit more powerful for a store or manufacturer to use. We had our website ideas written into an E Commerce website and it uses real time inventory as the foundation. Our system allows a manufacturer to sell directly to remote customers that do not have access to their products. Or maybe a manufacturer wants their product to be in an area or country at a cheaper price.

We have 650 individual Our website is near complete and now I am relearning the internet as a website owner.

Death roll bait rigs for power mooching and trolling.
Fishing flashers for salt and freshwater trolling.
LED fishing lights and lures.
Voltage tuned salmon trolling spoons.
Downrigger electric field generators.
B2 type jigging and trolling squids.
Stainless steel, big game halibut hooks.
Octopus beak salmon bait and hoochie hooks.
Terminal tackle for salt and fresh water.
Kokanee hoochie skirts for tackle fabrication.
Bass hoochie skirts for making spinner bait lures.
Glow in the dark beads for tackle makers
Anchovy and Herring bait harnesses for trolling.
Spreader bars for halibut fishing.
Fluke and flounder fishing hoochie skirts.
Terminal fishing swivels, coast lock swivels and ball bearing swivels.
Terminal fishing snaps, clips and quick releases.
Double skirt hoochies for halibut and tuna fishing
Tuna turkey double point fishing hooks.


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"Please limit phone inquiries to our business hours."
9:30am to 9:00pm pacific standard time.
Tel : 1 250 716 1982
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